Review of LAOFAS Rainbow Sophomore, an RGB video light that can be operated with a smartphone

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If you want to change the atmosphere of your usual shooting, why not change the color of the lighting? We will review "LAOFAS Rainbow Sophomore RGB LED Light" provided by the manufacturer this time.

The name is a little long, but if you explain it roughly, it is such a product.

  • Color temperature 2500-8500K
  • Light up to your favorite color with RGB LED Built-in battery
    operates for about 90 minutes when fully charged
  • It has a built-in magnet on the back and can be fixed by sticking it to a metal surface.
  • With diffuser to soften the light Can be operated from the smartphone app It looks like MOMAN's LED video light, which I introduced in a later blog, has a function that allows you to freely change the color and operate it from your smartphone.

I tried playing with it, but it's quite interesting!

Especially, the function that can be operated from the smartphone is too convenient and the best. The operability was also good, and I thought, "I wish all the lights would work together with the app."

The price is 7,100 yen (as of January 2021), which is a standard price for an RGB video light. (You can buy an ordinary LED light for about 2 to 3000 yen)

It is an item that is very useful as a production prop, especially for those who are doing YouTube etc. because it is easy to make your favorite color. Let's take a closer look.

Contents LAOFAS Rainbow Sophomore Contents How to use LAOFAS Rainbow Sophomore Powerful linking function with smartphone apps! Example using RGB light LAOFAS Rainbow Sophomore pros and cons

LAOFAS Rainbow Sophomore ContentsLAOFAS Rainbow Sophomore内容物

Body Silicone diffuser Shoe fixing screw Charging cable (USB-AtoC) Instructions

The weight of the main body is 190g, which is not so noticeable, so it is a size that does not get in the way even if you put it in the bag. Also, since it has a built-in battery, it is good that no battery is required. The point that I liked the fact that the overall structure was solid and not cheap.




Charging port is USB-C It can be used for about 90 minutes on a full charge, but you can also use it while supplying power from the mobile battery when shooting outside or on the go, so you can rest assured. The main body has 1/4 screw holes that can be fixed to a general tripod, etc., one on the bottom and one on the side, and it can be fixed to a tripod, etc. both vertically and horizontally.

Since there is a magnet on the back, it is also convenient that you can use it by sticking it on a metal surface.

img The power of the magnet is also quite strong, so there is no need to worry about it slipping down during shooting.img

Sticks to metal surfaces even with the diffuser attached The diffuser is made of silicon and can be attached as if it covers the main body. All switches can be operated while attached, and can be fixed to a tripod as it is. img



I get the impression that many of the accessory diffusers are fairly cheap to make, but this is pretty good. The diffuser softens the light nicely, so I thought it would be okay to leave it on.

How to use LAOFAS Rainbow Sophomore

It's simple to use.

You can select the mode first and adjust the brightness and light color of each mode.

4 types of modes prepared

Color temperature mode ・ ・ ・ Adjust brightness and color temperature (2500K ~ 8500K) Light mode: Adjust the light to any color and brightness Free adjustment mode: Finely adjust the light intensity of RGB + W (white) Scene mode: You can adjust the pattern of how it shines. The mode can be easily switched with the red SET button on the side.

In the scene mode, various patterns such as aurora that blinks and changes color, and "wave" that changes blue color are recorded. This function seems to be especially useful for those who shoot videos.

Powerful linking function with smartphone apps! What impressed me personally was that it could be operated from the smartphone app.

You don't have to operate the main unit one by one Since it does not touch the main body, the position of the lighting does not change Intuitive and fun

Once you have set the lighting and decided the position, you can make fine adjustments from your smartphone, which is very useful when shooting. Of course, the app is compatible with both iOS and Android,

Power ON / OFF (when the power of the main unit is ON) Adjusting the light intensity Change color temperature Color change Change the scene (lighting pattern) Etc. can be controlled from the app. Especially when changing the color of the light, operate the color chart on the app instead of specifying it numerically. It's convenient because you can intuitively change the color to your liking!


Even if you take a picture with blue lighting and then change it to red, it's really easy because it's just a smartphone operation! There was no delay when operating the app, and the connection was stable, so there was no such thing as "I can connect, but the usability is subtle ...".

Example using RGB light If you use this, you can easily take a picture like this


    Install the light and fix the camera on a tripod. All you have to do is operate the app to change the color and release the shutter, so you can take pictures with atmosphere quite easily!

    Of course, it can also be used as a prop to enhance the effect of production other than shooting.


    I tried to take a picture of my computer desk with only one light. There is only one light, but there is enough light to illuminate the area around the desk.

    LAOFAS Rainbow Sophomore pros and cons The points that I was happy to use and the points that I was interested in are as follows.

    It was good point Smartphone operation is convenient anyway Easy to operate and easy to use You can easily take pictures and videos with atmosphere Bad point The price is a little high at 7,000 yen Depending on how you use it, the battery drains quickly The overall quality is quite satisfactory, but the price is still 7,000 yen, so I felt that it was a little courageous price range for those who "feel free to try RGB lights" (still common for similar products). Price)

    Therefore, I think it is a good option for those who have a certain purpose of taking such pictures (videos) using RGB lights. Although the size is small, there is enough light to use it as a backlight when shooting stuff or movies, so I think you can rest assured that point.

    I myself tried using an RGB light for the first time this time, but I found it to be a lot of fun, so I would like to continue researching interesting ways to use it!

    If you're looking for a nice RGB light, consider it as an option!

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